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IK Records has closed!

2012-05-27 08:41:46 by iksoftukrecords

Yes sadly IK Records has closed but not to worry we will are now under a new name, And most likely have a new newgrounds accounts at some point.

But for now we will be putting up videos on youtube showing you guys our favouate audio from newgrounds, so here is our first video on our new channel called Bleak Media (The Bleak Media channel is part of the Optifyed group)

Here is the first video:

Danny's Next Album

2012-04-09 18:16:34 by iksoftukrecords

Danny is working on his next album and the first two songs have been completed BUT there sound awesome his next Album will be released some time later this year.

You can view his two songs which are completed on the IK Software Website.


Those songs have been made for the Twitch Engine.


Danny's first Album is out.

2012-03-24 18:55:09 by iksoftukrecords

Hello guys Danny's first album is now out please visit the IK Software Records site here: https://ik-soft.co.uk/rec/danvol1.html

That's all for now
Have fun.

Well this is the newgrounds page for IK Software Records.

IK Software is a small company that makes free/cheap games and software we also have an gaming social network which has elements of Facebook and Xbox Live put together.

The IK Software Records will now be a sister company which a ran by Liam Usher and his friend Danny Hargreaves. IK Software Records will release any free tracks on the main IK Software Online site and on Newgorunds.com some tracks like games sound tracks may cost, we will post a teaser of most paid songs and soundtracks onto newgrounds and the main site, but to buy the full album you will have to buy it on the IK Software Store or Bandcamp.

Join our site: https://ik-soft.co.uk
See our Audio Portal (You can submit your own work here): https://ik-soft.co.uk/m/sounds/home/
Note all portals on out site will be renamed soon.

Thanks for reading.
Liam Usher (IK Software Owner/CEO)